Anyone can learn to write and to do it well. All it takes is a little time, determination, and practice. This is how expert writers gain the skills necessary for their profession — they are constantly writing and honing their craft. But you don’t need to spend hours writing each day to improve. There are plenty of simple steps that you can take to expand your skillset and improve your writing.

As a writer, editor, and content creator, James Braxton Peterson knows the importance of good writing and believes that anyone can advance their writing skills. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…

Today, the ability to create engaging, accurate, and well-written content is a highly valuable skill. Every industry in the world requires an aspect of writing and those with strong written communication skills are often highly sought after. Therefore, learning important writing and editing skills can help you stand out among your peers. But, what are the most important skills to learn? From the basics of spelling and grammar to the structure of your writing, there are several writing and editing skills that will allow you to succeed, regardless of the industry you’re in.

James Braxton Peterson is a writer, editor…

Persuasive writing is a powerful tool that can compel readers to resonate with a particular viewpoint or perspective. Writers present an opinion, use logical arguments to support their views, and employ emotional appeals to create a call to action.

James Braxton Peterson, a writer, educational consultant, and scholar from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers some tips to help writers present their ideas in a rational and convincing manner.

James Braxton Peterson from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Persuasive Writing

Be Passionate About the Topic

The topic should be relevant to readers and inspire passion. Writers with zero interest in their topic will lose reader interest. This is especially true with persuasive writing. …

It is rare that a first draft is also a final draft. The writing process typically includes many revisions, such as editing, removing unneeded content, or adding clarifying phrases. Editing is the key to making your writing clear and memorable.

James Braxton Peterson is a writer, educational consultant, content creator, and scholar for culture and politics from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of both Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania. Peterson embraces a progressive mindset, analyzing contemporary American culture, politics, race relations, entertainment, and non-traditional approaches to academics.

James Braxton Peterson from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the Editing Process

Getting Started — the First Draft

First and foremost, editing…

James Braxton Peterson

James Braxton Peterson is a writer, consultant, and content creator out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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